Let us take the worry and stress out of your day-to-day activities— so you can focus on what you do best.

No fuss, no stress.

Let us take the worry and stress out of your day-to-day activities— so you can focus on what you do best.

Thrive and grow with Sage

Whether you're looking to grow or thrive, Sage helps at any stage. We have the solutions to keep you on track. Success is just ahead.

Tailored for your business

Sage offers easy and flexible, yet robust, solutions for businesses like yours. Whether you want your data on-site or in the cloud. We help you take your business with you.

Your business—brighter

It's not just about giving you a solution. We have a network of people to help you succeed, giving you business tips and advice. More than 6 million customers worldwide trust our 30-plus years of experience for good reason.

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Manage for growth

Winning new customers. Reducing operating costs. Growing revenue.

Nobody said running a medium-size company would be easy. We know. After all, we got our start creating software for a small printing business. And we even experienced the same growing pains that all businesses go through.

We now have 30-plus years of experience and 6 million customers that we've helped to thrive or grow ... whether they've been in business for 20 seconds or 20-plus years. We're ready to partner with you and extend our network of experts to help you.

Business. Anywhere. Anytime. Made possible by Sage.

Business. Anywhere. Anytime.
Made possible by Sage.

Being in business is rewarding, but it can also be tricky to maintain a work-life balance. Perhaps you find yourself choosing between family time or staying at the office waiting on an important order, approving payroll, or reviewing how your business performed for the day. Don't be tethered to one place. Integrate your work time and personal time.

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A complete toolkit for medium-sized businesses

You don’t want a temporary fix to tackle a problem or two. You want a complete set of business management solutions that will help you:

  • Grow your business 35% faster
  • Accelerate payments from customers anywhere, anytime
  • Manage and paying employees
  • Maximize customer value
  • Manage your fixed assets
  • Go where your business takes you

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Customer Relationship Management Solutions

CRM solutions
Maximize customer relationships

Manage every element of customer relationships, from finding new customers, to creating marketing campaigns, to delivering better customer service.

Enterprise Resource Planning and Business Management Solutions

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Manage your entire business ...
and grow it 35% faster

Our comprehensive enterprise resource planning (ERP) and business management solutions can fuel your business growth.

HR, payroll, and payment solutions

With Sage HRMS, pay employees, administer benefits, track performance, and assist with career development ... even in the cloud. With our payments solution, accept just about any type of payment to increase overall sales.

HR and payroll solutions

Your employees are your most valuable asset. And maximizing every dollar you invest in them is good business for everyone.

Payment solutions

Get paid faster and maximize cash flow by offering customers more ways to make payments—by credit card, check or mobile. Manage all your payments in one place with a single sign-on.

Manage your fixed assets

Fixed asset solutions
Manage your fixed assets

Whether you're reporting to senior management, a government agency, auditors, donors and executive boards, or the IRS, gain better control over your entire fixed asset lifecycle.

Construction and real estate solutions
Be job ready to win more bids

The construction and real estate industry has unique management processes, regulations, and practices. Sage solutions are tailored to them. (Just one example: Sage Construction and Real Estate helps 50,000 customers manage more than 500,000 jobs, 7 million subcontracts, and 622,000 rental units each year.)

Mobility and Cloud Solutions

Mobility and cloud solutions
Go where business takes you

It’s an anytime, anywhere business world. Make an impression with every customer visit, take payments on the spot, and increase your revenue per sale.

It takes a village. That's why we provide resources.

Why struggle with challenges that others have solved already? Sage doesn’t just provide software solutions; we can connect you to a community of strategic advisors, partners and experienced resources.

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Discover how to maximize every dollar you invest in your employees.

Accountants and bookkeepers

Providing certainty to accountants for decades.

The smart choice for accountants and bookkeepers, Sage Accountant Solutions, offers an unequaled range of accounting solutions and guidance that comes from the extraordinary care Sage provides accountants. Providing certainty to accountants for decades, Sage delivers a global ecosystem that enables unlimited firm growth potential.

Sage Accounting Solutions

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Sage Accounting Solutions

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