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Sage Live is real-time accounting and control of your business.

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Introducing Sage Live

There’s never been a moment like this. Sage Live combines the performance of the world’s first real-time accounting engine on the market leading Salesforce1 cloud platform. It’s the always-on app built for the way business works. Keep your teams connected to what’s really happening across your financials, sales, admin, and more.

Learn how Sage Live delivers better answers in the moments that matter.

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You only need a moment to manage your business

Sage Live provides you with the answers it takes to control your business in real time. It's the instant accounting that brings together people and data like never before.

Bring it all together—create a single view of your business with Sage Live

  • Sage Live is your single, connected office in the cloud
  • Use your favorite apps integrated into Sage Live to have a unified view
  • Realize the promise of real-time accounting from the palm of your hand

Always have the insight to make faster, better decisions

  • Manage your business in the moment from any connected device
  • Base your decisions on financial impact, not just compliance requirements

Communicate and record your decisions in real-time

  • Decide and communicate clearly to eliminate “guessing” from the chain
  • Move quickly and easily from decision to action to results

Inspire, engage, and motivate everyone on the team

  • Ensure team members understand their ongoing performance and goals
  • Get everyone contributing to the success of the organization
A better life

Gain faster, better decisions. Go Live.

Accessible everywhere

Entrepreneurs and customers are always on the move. Have all the information you need ready and available on any connected device, anytime you need it.

One real-time source of truth

No more waiting for the information you need. With Sage Live, you get a single view of your business in the moment, combined into a real-time accounting system of record.

Less complexity

Enjoy hassle-free accounting that thrives at your pace—providing business clarity and insights from your watch to your phone to your people in the field.

Real-time accounting

Tired of spending hours pulling data together, cleaning it, and meeting about it? Sage Live is accounting at the speed of now, because that’s the speed of business.

Proven leadership

Sage Live is the product of two leaders in intelligent technology: Sage, global champion of growing business and Salesforce1, innovator of sales and business in the cloud.

Better scalability

It’s easy to scale up or scale down as necessary with Sage Live, and connect your favorite mobile and web apps to create a single connected view of your business.

Smarter employees

Want to give your people the relevant information behind your decisions? Share insights with your teams as easily as you share personal events with followers on social media.

Anywhere access

Make every moment matter. With Sage Live, you can ensure that essential information is accessible on any device, anywhere entrepreneurs and customers want to connect.

A better view

See your critical business information in the form of real-time scoreboards, newsfeeds, and instant notifications—you pick what you need to make better, faster decisions.

A plan for any business. Sage Live Pricing.




Business users
(run your business from your mobile device)

Per user per month
Billed annually

Per user per month
Billed annually

Per user per month
Billed annually

Full users
(manage and personalize your Sage Live solution and accounting from your office or mobile device)

Per user per month
billed annually

Per user per month
billed annually

Per user per month
billed annually

“With Sage Live, you can look ahead with one source of info, controlling your business from the palm of your hand. It will connect with thousands of apps—making Sage Live fit exactly to the needs of each company.”

Santiago Solanas | CMO | Sage
Quickbooks holding you back

A perfect moment to quit QuickBooks.

Quickbooks users can now experience the speed and control of Sage Live. Simply share a copy of your QuickBooks file and we’ll load it into your free Sage Live trial. There’s no better way to discover how Sage Live really delivers insightful accounting and superior technology to help you manage and grow your business.

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