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As the first, real-time integrated accounting solution, Sage Live is built on a technology foundation developed in partnership with Sage and Salesforce to help small and medium-sized companies spend less time managing and more time growing.

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Real-time accounting at its core

Sage Live is a revolutionary new accounting solution that enables your business to run faster and smarter. It also gives you ‘one office’ by eliminating the islands of data that keep your teams from working together to get things done.

Multi-dimensional interactivity

Sage Live helps you analyze, manage, and operate your business the way that works best for you. Now you can define, track and see your results anyway you want to.

Real-time integrations

Sage Live gives you real-time integrations and API using the market-leading Salesforce1 cloud platform. So now, you can connect with thousands of apps designed to let you run your company the way you want to.

One-office approach

Never worry that you might outgrow Sage Live. As a flexible, customizable integrated accounting solution, you can easily personalize Sage Live for you, your business and your employees. Role-based mobility and workflows are easier to do than ever before.

Easy, powerful and mobile

Sage Live is built from the ground-up for mobile business. It delivers total usability across smartphones, tablets, and other supported devices so you can run your business from anywhere.

Audit logging and controls

Transform your financials with dynamic audits and controls. Sage Live keeps all your real-time notes and decisions tied to your accounting records to help you maintain a complete financial picture.

Discover touchless accounting

Now you can spend more of your valuable time realizing opportunities and much less manually entering data. Sage Live automates those manual processes so you can start acting (and thinking) like you want to.

Superior accounting engine

The high-performance Sage Live accounting engine transforms your static General Ledger into a dynamic solution for real-time decision-making.

Advanced connectivity

The app connects your people to the business through continuous, highly secure access to real-time financials and more—helping everyone make immediate, proactive decisions.

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