Accountants agree: Sage is the best bang for your buck!

Your passion is our business.

Focus on what you love, We'll handle the rest—accounting, invoicing, project tracking, and accepting payments.

Get started with Sage

Are you an entrepreneur, a startup or a small business? Is mananging your cash-flow close to your heart? Sage has the solution to get you started in the right direction.

Tailored for your business

Sage offers a simple, cost-effective, solutions for startups and small businesses. Whether you want your data on-site or in the cloud.

Your business—brighter

As a startup business, you are what you appear to be. Sage helps to elevate your game, delivering professional invoicing and interaction with your customers.

Hey, we've been there.

Whether you call yourself a new entrepreneur, a startup or a small business, we get it. Not too long ago, we were there too, over beers in a bar, talking about starting a software business to automate estimating and accounting for small businesses. And Sage was born.

Today, we have over 6 million customers and 12,000 employees across 28 countries. But we’ve never lost touch with our roots or the challenges of running a small company. Which means you can count on Sage as your partner as you embark on the journey of becoming a successful business.

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Why Sage for your startup?

  • Recognized as the one of the top accounting software solutions for small businesses.
  • Offers one of the industry’s most flexible and cost-effective solutions to accept payments.
  • Recommended by top accountants and bookkeepers.
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Your startup support network

The Sage Growth Roadmap includes sharing our small business knowledge and expertise with you. Access our Sage Advice and Sage City sites 24/7 and you can:

  • Submit questions to our experts (and get real answers!).
  • Interact with other small business owners and gain additional insights.
  • Find articles on relevant topics that matter to the small business owner.
Pick from 25,000 brains

Over 25,000 accountants and bookkeepers use Sage accounting solutions. And they’re ready to give you expert advice to use at every stage of your business journey. Find the best accountants and bookkeepers in your area.

We care so much about your success, we partnered with Bruce Croxon to give Sage Advice

Early startup—how to become a successful entrepreneur

Lifelong entrepreneur Bruce Croxon talks about the realities of running a business or start up. He looks at some of the most common mistakes and explains how to avoid them. Additionally, he offers strategies on how to ensure your business is successful in the long run.
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See what Lisa's Chop Shop does with Sage 50

Another switch to Sage

Lisa Hau, owner of Lisa's Chop Shop, decided to use Sage because her friend referred her to it and because it's well known and respected. She can do her own data entry and payroll, worry free. Lisa works with her accountant to help her grow her business. Lisa can now focus on the things she loves to do, connecting with people and styling hair.
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Develop your unique “Growth Roadmap”

One size does not fit all. Not every business owner defines success in the same way. It’s important to create your own “Growth Roadmap” to guide you through the journey from startup to successful small business. As your business partner, Sage offers expertise, knowledge and support to help you develop a roadmap that will work for you today and well into the future.

Newbies welcome here

Our Accounting and Finance Solutions are designed for the new user in mind. And because you wear many hats in your business, we provide our solutions in the cloud, compatible with all devices and accessible from virtually anywhere you conduct business.

Cash is (always) king

What keeps your doors open? Cash flow. Just a few delinquent invoices can break you. We have a solution: Sage invoicing. It helps you get paid faster, reducing time creating and sending invoices. And customers can pay online, saving them time and money, too.

Turn the time tables

Sure, staying on top of your finances can be a huge time suck. But an automated accounting system can flip it into a time saver. Sage has desktop accounting software that can help. Check it out now.