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“The Sage Accountants Network is a valuable program. It has made a huge, positive impact on our business.”

Shayna Chapman, owner of Shaynaco LLC and a member of the Sage Accountant Network. Shayna recommends Sage.

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Be great this summer. Discover the secret to creating work-life balance.

We love summer. From a quick weekday visit with a client at your favorite local outdoor café to that family vacation where you’re on the road for a couple of weeks, summer means great things.

The secret to making it great is finding that perfect work-life balance so you can do it all. To discover ways to achieve a great work-life balance that you can put into practice this summer, download the complimentary white paper Creating work-life balance.

With the Sage Accountants Network, you can use the benefits and resources it provides its members to help get more done in a day so you can have more time for the things you most enjoy in life.

About The Sage Accountants Network

The Sage Accountants Network is a program of product solutions, support and benefits for accountants and bookkeepers who support Sage products. At Sage we recognize the work you do, providing top notch business and financial services to our mutual clients, and we've created a program to support you and your business. Approximately 25,000 members worldwide. Our parent company, the Sage Group plc, is a leading supplier of business management software and services to more than 6 million customers worldwide. From small start-ups to medium sized companies, we focus on giving our customers the freedom, confidence and control they need to achieve their business ambitions.

Experience a new level of accounting and business management that’s easy to use and affordable. The Sage Accountants Network membership for Sage 50 includes access to Sage 50 Accountant Edition which enables you to manage all aspects of your business—and your clients' businesses, including accounting, customers, inventory, services, jobs, and employees—all in one centralized system. Join now and receive everything you need to strengthen your client relationships and transform your business.

Plans and benefits: Choose your membership

Choose the Sage Accountants Network membership package with the benefits you want, at the price you want to pay and get on the road to realizing your business ambitions with the right kind of membership plan.1

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Sage Accountants Network Member Benefits

Standard $497 per year Priority $597 per year
Usage of Sage 50 Accountant edition2 Includes 5 users3 Includes 5 user
Access to Sage Certification program check
Software discounts to pass on to your clients 10% 15%
Comprehensive course through Sage University check
Essentials course through Sage University check check
Access to Fundamentals of High-Performing Firms check check
Sage Business Care plan4 Gold Platinum

Sage Business Care benefits

Gold Platinum
Payroll updates5 check check
Access to Payroll features – No employee limit6 check check
Unlimited access7 to phone support check check
Product enhancements and new features8 check check
Priority phone queuing   check
Designated support team   check
Appointment scheduling   check
Year-end close & payroll appointment   check
Standard telephone response time9   2 minutes or less
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IMPORTANT NOTE: The Sage Accountants Network is a membership based program available exclusively to accountants, bookkeepers and consultants with multiple fee-paying clients. The Sage 50 Accountant Edition is available exclusively to members of the Sage Accountants Network.

Additional Details

Sage 50 Accountant Edition

Sage 50 Accountant Edition is available exclusively to accountants, bookkeepers and consultants who support multiple fee-paying clients with Sage 50 (formerly Peachtree.)

  • Open data and make entries for all editions of Sage 50 Accounting (Sage 50 Pro Accounting, Sage 50 Premium Accounting, and Sage 50 Quantum Accounting) of the same release year.
  • Increase efficiency by working simultaneously with clients while creating entries
  • Edit critical data with flexibility and ease
Sage Business Care Plan

Both the Standard and Priority Sage Accountants Network Plans include a level of Sage Business Care. Combining the software benefits and protection of Sage Business Care, with the practice management resources, marketing materials and training that benefit members of the Sage Accountants Network allows for maximum support and guidance of the accounting and bookkeeping profession.


Fundamentals of High-Performing Firms

Sage recognizes accountants, bookkeepers and consultants need the best accounting solutions to get them where they need to go, but in order to truly achieve your business ambition you need a lot more than that!

Fundamentals of High-Performing Firms is designed to address some of the practice management pain points experienced by accounting and bookkeeping professionals - at no additional cost.

  • Multiple business topics related to client acquisition, marketing and practice management.
  • Each topic is developed by a thought leader or industry expert and includes a white paper, a self-assessment and exercises.
  • Tangible step-by-step instructions on how to optimize your time and maximize your marketing efforts.

Each membership includes access to one of two 12-month curriculums.
Learn more about Fundamentals of High-Performing Firms

Sage 50 Certification

Becoming Sage 50 Certified opens the doors to greater exposure, marketing opportunities, and education. Certification is included as a benefit at the Sage Accountants Network Priority membership level and should be pursued if you’re looking to:

  • Grow your business and attract new clients.
  • Increase referrals from Sage (both online and through the call center).
  • Expand your product knowledge and increase visibility into the entire Sage portfolio of solutions.

Sage Accountants Newtork

Take your Sage Accountants Network membership to the next level

On top of the Sage Accountants Network Priority membership, you get additional benefits outlined below once you achieve certification.

Benefit Certified Advisor Certified Consultant
Priority listing on the “Sage Partner Locator” tool check
2nd ranking
top ranking
Referrals from our call center regarding accounting and bookkeeping questions and advices check check
Access to exclusive training offers check check
Usage of the Sage Certified logo, web banners, and other marketing materials to gain online visibility Certified Advisor logo Certified Consultant logo


  • You must be an accountant, bookkeeper, or consultant with multiple fee-paying clients. Memberships are not available for private industry. Please refer to the Sage 50 Accounting product options in this case.
  • You must pass an online assessment to become a Sage 50 Certified Advisor.
  • Join the Sage Accountants Network to become a Sage 50 Certified Advisor. Once you are a Sage 50 Certified Advisor, you may move your certification up to the next level and become a Sage 50 Certified Consultant.

For more details, please contact or call 1-866-565-2726.


Once you’ve joined the Sage Accountants Network, you can expect a great personal experience that’s sure to help you as an accounting professional.

  • As a new Sage Accountants Network member, you’ll find it’s easy to get started with your Sage 50 Accountant Edition and to take advantage of all the benefits of your membership by attending monthly live webcasts. During these webcasts, you can meet the team, get to know your friendly accountant advocates, and learn about the tools and resources you now have access to.
  • Receive regular communications about training, certification, and special offers especially for our Sage Accountants Network members.
  • Attend events and meet other members of the Sage Accountants Network.

Looking for an accountant or bookkeeper?

Leverage our interactive locator tool to help increase your client base! Search for an accountant, bookkeeper, or consultant for business advice and expertise on Sage products.10 Select your product of interest, enter your postal code and a search radius, and select the type of assistance you're looking for.

Sage 50 Accountant Edition Support

  1. You must be an accountant or bookkeeper providing professional accounting or bookkeeping services for multiple fee-paying clients in order to become a Sage Accountants Network member. Valid credit card required. A twelve (12) month minimum commitment is required. To ensure continuous service, your Sage Accountant Network membership is an automatically renewing plan, and, depending on the payment option chosen, subsequent years or months will be automatically billed to the same credit card each year or month on the anniversary date of your purchase at the then-current rate. The credit card provided with this purchase will be used to automatically renew the plan if there is no other credit card number already established as your standard credit card number on file with Sage. You may terminate the plan with at least seven calendar days’ notice prior to your renewal date and not be charged for the renewal. If you terminate your membership or if your payment is not received you will have read only access to your program and data and full program functionality will not be restored until you have brought your account current.
  2. Use of the Sage 50 Accountant Edition product is a benefit of membership. Minimum 12 month commitment required. If your membership expires, your software will function in read-only mode. To ensure continuous service and access to your software, your Sage Accountants Network membership must be kept current.
  3. Up to 40 users may be purchased for both of the Sage Accountants Network membership packages. Additional fees apply.
  4. Each Sage Accountants Network membership plan includes a Sage Business Care plan. If the Sage Business Care plan changes during the course of your membership, so may your benefits.
  5. Annual membership fees includes the latest federal and state payroll updates. Pay an unlimited number of employees. Valid credit card, registration, Internet access, and valid email address required.
  6. Additional fees may apply. Payroll tiers are available based on the number of checks you process each month. Find out more.
  7. Customer Support Analysts reserve the right to limit calls to one hour or one incident. Assistance is limited to Sage 50 solutions.
  8. Receive access to every update for as long as your membership is current.
  9. This is the average response time for Platinum customers. It may be higher in January and February due to higher than normal call volume.
  10. Sage does not recommend or guarantee the services provided by any of the professionals listed. Information provided for informational purposes only
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