Accountant and Bookkeeper challenges

Realize your ambition one step at a time.

Accountants and bookkeepers, which challenge can we help you with today?

Realizing your business ambition, one step at a time

#1 Challenge

Accountants identified getting new clients as their biggest business challenge.

Get on the path to realizing your business ambitions with Sage 50 Accountant Edition

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What we offer

Introducing Fundamentals of High-Performing Firms

The Fundamentals of High-Performing Firms, a business acumen program for accounting professionals that shares knowledge and best practices from thought leaders and marketing experts to give you guidance, structure, and information required to get your firm performing at its best.

With two 12-month tracks designed to solve critical pain points for accountants, bookkeepers, and consultants, Fundamentals of High-Performing Firms offers:

  • Multiple business topics related to client acquisition, marketing, and practice management.
  • Relevant topics that are developed by thought leaders or industry experts and include a white paper, a self-assessment, and exercises.
  • Tangible step-by-step instructions on how to optimize your time and maximize your marketing efforts

Each Sage Accountants Network membership includes access to one of the two 12-month curricula outlined below:

Acquiring New Clients for Your Accounting or Bookkeeping Firm
  • Topic 1: Brand up! Building Brand Meaning in Your Firm
  • Topic 2: Specialization–Finding Your Competitive Niche
  • Topic 3: Differentiation–Separating Yourself from Your Competitors
  • Topic 4: Website Fundamentals
  • Topic 5: Maximizing Your Online Presence
  • Topic 6: Make Your Clients Your Best Marketers
  • Topic 7: Becoming a Thought Leader
  • Topic 8: Your Guide to Email Marketing
  • Topic 9: Measuring Your Website
  • Topic 10: Networking for Growth
  • Topic 11: Increasing Your Online Presence Using Social Media
  • Topic 12: Building an Effective Marketing Plan
Working Smarter, Not Harder in Your Accounting or Bookkeeping Firm
  • Topic 1: Brand up! Building Brand Meaning in Your Firm
  • Topic 2: Time Management and the Art of Prioritization
  • Topic 3: Customer Selection Criteria–Don’t Pollute Your River
  • Topic 4: Evaluating Your Current Clients–Bad Clients Drive out Good Clients
  • Topic 5: Firing Clients–Make Changes Toward Greater Profitability
  • Topic 6: The Foundations of Value
  • Topic 7: Pricing on Purpose–How to Implement Value Pricing in Your Firm
  • Topic 8: Handling Customer Complaints
  • Topic 9: Measure What Matters to Clients–Using Key Predictive Indicators
  • Topic 10: Trashing the Time Sheet
  • Topic 11: Creating Access Level Agreements
  • Topic 12: After Action Review Process

Sage Accountants Network Membership Benefits

The Sage Accountants Network recognizes that running an accounting, bookkeeping, or consulting firm is about more than just numbers. Although software-related solutions are a critical component of the work your firm provides, they’re not the entire picture.

An auto renewing membership2 to the Sage Accountants Network includes your choice of one of our 12-month Fundamentals of High-Performing Firms curricula.

You decide which pain point you would like to focus on in your first year of membership, Attracting New Clients or Working Smarter, Not Harder. Each curriculum consists of:

  • 12 white paper topics developed with industry thought leaders and marketing experts.
  • A self-assessment and post-assessment for each of the 12 topics.
  • A workbook of exercises to get hands-on with practical steps to implement the topics and advice in your firm.

More membership benefits:

  • Usage of a five-user license of Sage 50 Accountant Edition (formerly Sage Peachtree Quantum – Accountants’ Edition) for the duration of your membership.3
  • A one-user Sage 50 Intelligence Reporting license—including the Connector module for customizing reporting for third-party databases.
  • Unlimited access to customer support services.4
  • Payroll updates.5
  • Software discounts of 15% or more for you to pass on to your clients.
  • Unlimited access to more than 70 Anytime Learning courses through Sage University.
  • Marketing materials, webcasts, and more.
  1. This product is backed by a no-risk guarantee for first-time Sage 50 customers. If, within 60 days of purchase, you are not convinced that Sage 50 Accounting is the best accounting program for your business, we will refund your money (less and rebate you have received for this purchase). Dated proof of purchase and return of product is required. For details, call 877-481-0341.
  2. You must be an accountant or bookkeeper providing professional accounting or bookkeeping services for multiple fee-paying clients in order to become a Sage Accountants Network member. Valid credit card required. To ensure continuous service, your Sage Accountant Network membership is an automatically renewing plan, and subsequent years will be automatically billed to the same credit card each year on the anniversary date of your purchase at the then-current rate after notifying you 30 days in advance of your anniversary date. The credit card provided with this purchase will be used to automatically renew the plan if there is no other credit card number already established as your standard credit card number on file with Sage. You may terminate the plan with at least seven calendar days’ notice prior to your renewal date and not be charged for the renewal.
  3. product is a benefit of membership. If your membership expires, your software will function in read-only mode. To ensure continuous service and access to your software, your Sage Accountants Network membership must be kept current.
  4. Customer Support Analysts are available from 8:30 a.m. until 8:30 p.m. ET Monday-Friday, and reserve the right to limit calls to one hour or one incident. Assistance is limited to Sage 50 solutions.
  5. Your SAN membership must be kept current in order to have access to any payroll functionality except Sage 50 Managed Payroll. Annual membership fee includes the latest federal and state tax law changes and over 260 federal and state forms. Year-end payroll tax forms (such as W-2s and 1099s) are updated at the end of the calendar year. Valid credit card, registration, Internet access, and valid email address required. Forms (except W-2s) for PR and US VI are not supported.
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