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Distribution companies, regardless of size, are all striving toward the same goals: profitable growth and cost control. The good news is that rapid growth and adoption of new technologies in distribution are making it easier to achieve these goals. The question for distributors is simple: Are you keeping pace with technology?

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Distribution industry challenges

Distributors face many complexities in their business as a result of intricate product inventories, narrow margins, diverse downstream customer requirements, long lead times, and unpredictable supply. Challenges like these can be overcome when you have visibility and integrated business systems. See where your peers in distribution are making technology investments and seeing big results.

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Industry Background

Business challenges . . . solved

IDG Research asked what goals small and midsized distributors have for their business.
Here’s what they had to say:

Using mobile technology to improve efficiency

Mobile technology is a way to obtain critical data for quick decision making that lets sales teams access real-time customer information to generate quotes and orders on the fly.

Optimizing inventory management and demand forecasting

How well businesses adjust to demand or manage their inventory has a significant impact on working capital.

Business integration for single view of business

Integration offers visibility and flexibility by creating a single, complete system of record for inventory, customer relationship management, finance, and more.

Jason-Savage talks Sage One simple online accounting for small businesses

“We are utilizing technology in ways that reduce the labor required to complete routine yet vital tasks. Our staff can now spend more time on value-adding activities, and we are able to grow the business without adding additional staff.”

John Giczewski, purchasing manager
St. Joseph Paper and Packaging

Key capabilities for distributors

With flexible and scalable business management solutions, available on-premises or online, Sage can help address your specific challenges to run your distribution business better.

Manage finances:

  • Perform profitability analysis of products/SKUs
  • Accurately evaluate risk
  • Support sophisticated pricing based on marketplace resale/product value
  • Adhere to regulatory compliance

Manage business:

  • Ensure working capital
  • Get new products and services to market quickly
  • Manage payroll and employee satisfaction
  • Operate abroad in global markets

Manage customers:

  • Process orders anywhere and anytime
  • Track customer orders
  • Perform customer profitability analysis
  • Prioritize customers and product-specific relationships

Manage operations:

  • Accurately forecast demand and plan for capacity
  • Optimize resources and inventory to minimize cost
  • Determine what  products need to be purchased and when
  • Enhance collaboration across your company

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Solving the top 4 challenges for Distributors

Solving the top four challenges for distributors

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How can you use technology to compete?

Distribution companies that leverage modern technology to run their business increase their visibility around customers, products, and operations and make smarter decisions. They can also increase efficiencies across their business, whether through optimizing their warehouse or going mobile.

Sage has been helping distributors for over 35 years. Let us help you.

John Babcock Satellite Industries

“With Sage ERP X3, I can sit here at my desk in Minnesota and quote a customer in Germany, and send off that quote in German with the amounts in euros. Even better—I can perform the same task, just as effectively, from my iPad at the coffee shop.”

John Babcock, CFO
Satellite Industries

Manage your entire distribution business

Over the past 30 years, Sage has helped nearly 58,000 small and midsized distribution companies grow their business with comprehensive ERP and business management solutions. Learn more about our solutions.

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