Sage 300

Manage multiple locations, currencies and languages with Sage 300

As the most widely used business management solution for small and medium sized companies across Canada, Sage 300 helps you connect your field sales and services, accounting, and operations teams.

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Most widely used solution in Canada for small and medium-sized companies

Sage 300 (formerly known as Accpac) offers mature, proven functionality that automates financial management and business operations for streamlined, end-to-end financial management. Cost-effective, quick to implement, and simple to use, Sage 300 offers all the features you would expect from a powerful financial software solution, plus additional features well suited for companies that require detailed management of estimating, tracking, costing, and billing of their projects.
Working with multiple currencies and languages

Easily conduct international business in multiple currencies and languages.

Sage 300 helps you to easily manage your international business.With unlimited,customizable currencies and exchange rates for each currency, you’ll be able to quickly convert foreign currency transactions to your home currency no matter how complex your multinational business is.

Versatile transaction processing and language translation capabilities provide the flexibility you need to succeed in global markets.

Seamless integration throughout Sage 300 allows you to automate your workflows, no matter how many currencies your company is managing.

Easily manage, consolidate financials for multiple companies

Effortlessly consolidate, analyze, and report on multiple business units, subsidiaries, companies, and countries within your business.

  • Manage financials, close books, and easily report results by company for multiple companies or in a consolidated company view.
  • Process intercompany transactions and roll up numbers across all your entities, domestic and abroad. Transfer and merge account and transaction information between separate company and branch office locations.
  • Enter transactions and automatically distribute across two or more companies.
Easily estimate and track project and job cost

Easily estimate and track project and job cost

Sage 300 makes it easy for you to estimate projects, enter and report costs, and track billings, payments, and profits. With customizable categories, it’s flexible enough to manage large or small projects for any business environment.

  • Maintain profitability using comprehensive budgeting and profit analysis tools to determine if projects are on track, costs are in line, and resources are properly allocated throughout the project.
  • Take advantage of the detailed billing and revenue recognition processes with multiple accounting methods for your specific project accounting requirements. Mix and match the project types and accounting methods for very complex or simple projects.
  • Tighten control over your project cycle—from calculating an accurate bid to delivering products on schedule by easily accessing project detail data through reports and drill-down menus.

Starting as low as $57/month

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Sales, Marketing, and Customer Service

Sage 300 when integrated with Sage CRM provides end-to-end visibility of your sales and marketing activities and a single view of the customer across your organization. Benefit from greater insight into business performance, increased efficiency and productivity, and more effective communications, all of which open up new opportunities for growth.

“ Our old way of doing things was so cumbersome and complex that many people skipped steps or worked around the system. Now that we have an integrated system where everyone is working together and sharing the same information—we are much more efficient.”
Lori Necyk, CFO, Alberta Construction Safety Association

Sage Business Care

There's no better way to protect and extend your software investment than with a Sage Business Care support plan. In addition to ensuring your Sage 300 software works optimally, the Sage Business Care team is committed to helping you maximize your investment, by learning how to take advantage of your system's full potential. That means being able to enjoy the automation of processes that save time, payroll hours, and costly errors—while also getting the most return on your software investment.

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