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Education partner program for students

Sage provides more than just software and solutions to students. We have online communities and support available to help you get a jump start on the workforce.


Check with your instructor to ensure you're downloading the right solution.

Sage 50 Accounting (formerly Sage Simply Accounting)

Sage 50 Accounting Student Version is only valid for 14 months after registration. After the 14 months are over, students can continue to use the software by purchasing a copy of premium or higher. Data from other Sage 50 Accounting products cannot be opened with this download.

The software provided on this page is for educational purposes only.

Step 2. Register
  1. Click the Register button.
  2. Register

  3. Complete all fields in the registration form.

  4. Note: Make sure to select the correct product.

  5. Select the certify acknowledgement check box and click Submit.

  6. You will receive an email with your activation code for the installed.

Step 3. Download

    Do not download any product updates for the Student or Education versions unless you are advised to do so by an instructor.

  1. Select which software to download.
  2. 2015.0 2014.1 2013

  3. Click Save File from the download screen.
  4. Click Run from the Open file screen.
  5. Click Exit when download is complete.
Step 4. Install

If you have previously installed any version of Sage 50 Accounting on your computer (including a 30-day trial), please uninstall that version, run the Student Version Utility, and then install the Student Version of Sage 50 Accounting.

  1. Click Install Sage 50 from the Sage launch screen.

  2. Choose preferred language from the Install Wizard drop-down list and click OK.

  3. Select Yes (recommended) and click Next begin installation.

  4. Note: If you are using Windows Firewall your firewall will automatically be configured.

  5. Enter your serial number.

  6. Click I Agree from the License agreement screen.

  7. Click Next to accept the installation location.

  8. Click Install from the Installation Summary screen and the installation progress begins.

  9. Select to launch program and click Finish from the Installation finished window to activate your software.

  10. Note: You must register before activating your to receive an email with your activation key code.

Step 5. Activate

You must activate your software before you can use the program.

  1. Launch Sage 50 Accounting .

  2. Click Activate Now.

  3. Enter the activation key code from the registration email and click OK to activate your software.

Sage 300 ERP

This software is available at no charge and is only valid for 400 days from the date of installation. Data from other Sage 300 ERP products cannot be opened with this download. The versions provided here for download are for educational purposes only.

Support and help

Have questions or need help? You can use Sage City, our online community, and our knowledgebase to get general assistance . . . beyond asking your instructor.

Sage City offers a section just for students, where you can discuss your student version software features and functions with peers, find answers, and network.

The knowledgebase, our online portal, has articles written by our in-house experts. You can search using keywords, locate how-to instructions, or trouble-shoot advanced functions.

Note: Our customer support team is currently unable to offer free phone support to students.

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Get help and support through Sage City and our knowledgebase

Training and certification

Boost your resume with certificates from Sage University. With Sage U, you can stand out from the crowd and demonstrate your software knowledge by completing a Certification exam. Classroom and online courses put you a step ahead when preparing for your career. Don’t forget to share your certificates with prospective employers! Sage U also has various online free training.

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