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Sage business management
and enterprise resource planning systems

Our comprehensive business management and enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions, available in the cloud and on premise, provide everything you need to better run your business.

Your sales staff can check accounts from the road, accounting can instantly invoice customers, and you’ll have better insight into your cash flow, inventory and profitability. And that’s not all. With integrated CRM software through to HR and Payroll applications, you’ll have everything you need to connect your people…your resources that make your business the best.

Contact us today and learn how Sage can help fuel your business growth.


Grow with Sage

Sage helped a global distributor better run their global import, wholesale, and distribution operations. Take a look. (Running time: 2:14)

New research: Sage ERP systems driving connectivity and collaboration

Four key trends are converging as they impact today’s ERP solutions. This Mint Jutras report describes how Sage is taking the convergence of these trends seriously to deliver efficiency, improved productivity, higher customer satisfaction and better decision-making.

Mint Jutras report

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Sage ERP Solutions

Grow with confidence

Most organizations want to grow, but aren't certain how to go about growing. Whether it's something that seems simple, like increasing productivity, or something that seems complex, like expanding into new geographies, adding new product lines, or acquiring a company, Sage ERP software, available in the cloud and on premise, can be a significant driver of growth.

“Our revenues have grown substantially. This type of growth would have been impossible without the efficiencies that Sage X3 provides.”

—John Deradoorian, President, Allied Metals Corporation

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Make better decisions

You probably have a lot of data, but are you able to use it effectively? Data in multiple systems that don't communicate require a significant amount of time to consolidate into something useful. Plus, by the time you have useable data, it's already dated. Whether you need inventory forecasting or business intelligence, let us help you use big data to succeed.

“With Sage X3, we get the visibility we were missing. Instead of waiting for a report, we receive up-to-the-minute information while it is still actionable.”

—Garland Industries

Read the Garland Industries story

Sage ERP Solutions
Sage ERP Solutions

Work more efficiently

Productivity can be the difference between profits and losses. If your business grew but your systems couldn't expand, you may have resorted to hiring more and more people to manually fill the gaps in your system. Or perhaps your current software doesn't auto-sync data between networks and hardware, and instead relies on the manual transfer of data, further exposing your business to the risk of human error.

Regardless of your need, there's a Sage ERP System that will improve the efficiency of your current system and provide avenues of growth for your business that you didn't even know existed.

“Our old way of doing things was so cumbersome and complex that many people skipped steps or worked around the system. Now that we have an integrated system where everyone is working together and sharing the same information—we are much more efficient.”

—Lori Necyk, CFO, Alberta Construction Safety Association

Read the Alberta Construction Safety Association story

Serve customers better

Business management and ERP software don't just help the back office. Our ERP systems, for example, integrate with CRM as well as mobile solutions to improve customer service across the organization.

Plus we have a number of other products that help you provide better customer service throughout your organization in ways you may not have considered. For example, our inventory forecasting tool can decrease stock-outs by 30%.

“In the year since we implemented Sage Mobile Sales, our sales are up by 16 percent.”

—John Giczewski, purchasing manager, St. Joseph and Packaging/p>

Read the St. Joseph and Packaging story

Sage ERP Solutions

Discover the Sage difference

Working with and listening to over 6 million customers worldwide, Sage has the insight and expertise to help you find the right solution for your specific needs.

Contact us today and learn how Sage ERP systems can help grow your business—profitably.


At Sage, our solutions are designed to meet the needs of every small to midsize company, but certain industries require more specific processes and operations. That's why we've developed solutions tailored specifically to our customers' industries—reducing the time and cost to implement.


Inventory management, forecasting, bar codes, and EDI. These are just a few of the technologies available to help distribution and wholesale companies improve efficiency. Let us help you identify the best technology for your business today while planning for your needs, and new technologies, tomorrow.


From discrete to process, food to electronics, we have the solutions to help your business succeed. Whether you need recall management, inventory forecasting, formula management, or capacity planning, we have the tools to create a solution that can meet your needs today and tomorrow.


The needs for services businesses are just as unique as every business. So our solutions can be tailored to fit these unique needs rather than try to make your business fit into a manufacturing solution. From time and project to fixed asset management, let us build a solution that delivers what your business needs and eliminates what you don't need, all while planning for the future.


Our ERP and business management solutions can help you meet consumer demand, maintain a high level of traceability (to prove regulation compliance), minimize information delays and inaccurate data, and increase the ability to track and manage inventory, supply-chain, customer service and other important elements of your business.

Sage ERP software

Sage offers one of the largest selections of scalable, integrated business management and ERP software systems available. Our extensive network of 40,000 accountants and 26,000 business partners provide you with industry expertise and on-site support to help you select, plan, and implement the ideal mix of solutions to run your business your way.

(Running Time 2:18)

Sage X3

Ideal for midsized to large manufacturers or distributors looking for help with financials with the option to add operations, multisite, multicompany, and multilanguage utilities.

300 online

(Running Time: 2:59)

Sage 300 Online

If you’re outgrowing your basic accounting system and need to manage your inventory, projects, payroll and more, take a closer look at Sage 300 Online. Ideal for small to midsized companies looking for a complete cloud-based erp accounting software for their growing business.

Sage 300

Sage 300 is the ultimate erp accounting system providing small to midsized companies the strongest financial functionality in the industry.

Sage 300

Customer success stories

Sage 100
Sage 300
Sage ERP Solutions
Sage ERP Solutions
"We have doubled our revenues since implementing Sage X3 and it continues to offer a good combination of power, scalability, and usability."
Phil Pitzer, IS Director
Blount Fine Foods

Industry reports and Research studies

These top industry reports and analyst research studies deliver intelligence into the top technologies within the marketplace. These assessments may impact your decision-making process and can help you achieve your business goals.

The Value of Upgrading ERP

This recent Aberdeen Research Group report examines the importance of upgrading ERP solutions and the benefits that top-performing companies receive as a result of running modern technology. Read this latest analyst report and discover valuable tips on how today's ERP solutions help improve visibility, promote efficiency and collaboration, and address top industry challenges.

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The Do's and Don'ts of ERP Implementation

If you have been eternally reconfiguring your current system or working on a new implementation, or if your existing solution isn't meeting your requirements and you need the answers now, this session is for you.

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Sage Business Care

There's no better way to protect and extend your software investment than through a Sage Business Care service plan. Reinforce your ERP investment and keep your business running full speed ahead with critical updates, software upgrades, tax updates, online and live tech support, professional training, and more.

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Sage Business Care

All Sage customers get answers by experienced and friendly employees, but Sage Business Care customers get access to more services and personalized attention. More time for you to focus on growing your business.

Sage City

With Sage City, you're never alone. The Sage ERP online community is bursting at the seams. Interact with peers in your industry, as well as Sage product experts. You can also find the latest business trends and topics.

Sage University

Sage University offers comprehensive training on all Sage ERP products—at your fingertips, 24-7. You can also access a library of webcasts by product or industry. Your learning curve, if any, just got a whole lot shorter.

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